Oolahop, the new-generation ice cream

Boost your sales and offer a joyful customer experience!

Oolahop, with its customizable collar, is a new and unique leader in digital communication.

  • Expand your business with digital marketing
  • Offer an innovative, custom made and eco-responsible design
  • No more wasted and unappreciated towels
  • Stand out with an unique offer in the market (Patent pending)
  • Track your customers and build loyalty
  • Optimize the customer experience with QR code

Increase your income with digital marketing

The QR code gives you new opportunities of digital communication with your customers in order to boost your sales:

  • Improve the knowledge of your clients to satisfy them better and increase their loyalty
  • Increase visibility and sales of your entire range
  • Attract your customers with the targeted offers and competition games

Offer an innovative, custom made and eco-responsible design

You can personalize your marketing communication as you wish thanks to the endless possibilities offered by the different shapes of collars

  • Propose to your customers an unique experience without getting dirty : its shape is adapted so that the ice cream doesn't drop anymore onto the fingers
  • Collars custom made, according to your choice, made in France from the 100% recyclable carboard and edible inks

An Oolahop marketing offer defined according to your needs

Benefit from support of experts in digital marketing and database management

  • Data collected and used in accordance with GDPR requirements
  • Data available according to the desired format
  • Management of your communication campaigns according to your needs

Our values

At Oolahop, we take our values ​​seriously and we like to work with people who share them.

Creativity and agility

Be creative while remaining simple, efficient and agile. Responding to our customers' needs through custom made solutions.

Obsession with a customer

The customer above all and in the center of everything: Building perennial relationship and allowing him to become even more efficient.


Overcoming yourself, getting out of your comfort zone and being motivated to share thought experiments.


We redistribute profits in a novel way. In addition, an active sponsorship policy in the fields of childhood and the environment is at the heart of the sharing of the created values.


Knowing how to export a catchy and positive energy.


Respecting our environment and diversity. Promoting multicultural enrichment and sustainable development is rooted in our DNA.